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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Hoots Cloth Diaper Review

Baby Hoots is another Etsy shop that I fell in love with and are supr cute. I recently was sent this super shiny red Baby Hoots One Size Cloth Diaper It is beautiful. 

The one size diapers fit your babies from 10lbs-35lbs+. There are durable snaps to adjust the size they provide just the right fit for your babies of all shapes and sizes. You can also customize the absorbancy to fit baby's needs with the pocket.

As you can see my daughter was going through at the time of testing this diaper only wearing diapers at night time. She is 25 lbs and this diaper was an amazing fit on her. Sister E loves colors and girly stuff (like dresses and the whole 9 yards) so this red was a big hit.

With Sister E we could never put a fitted and cover on her, so I am glad that no cover is needed. The outer layer of the diaper is waterproof. The inner layer is micro fleece which wicks moisture away leaving Sister E nice and dry. This was a great diaper to use with her at night time because it came with a super absorbant bamboo insert. I think while wearing it she only had two oops but no leaks. Oops meaning she urinated during the night. DH changed her the first morning after she urinated and he could not even tell she was wet, and said it wasn’t wet, I pulled the insert out and the insert was wet. So, this was awesome, while we were training.

Baby Hoots are gorgeous and run at $25 per diaper.  When buying a one size diaper, this is an amazing price, because you can use them from infant to toddlers and if you plan to have another use them for them.   

Andrea from Baby Hoots is a sweet heart and a pleasure to deal with so if you need anything just convo her and she can help you!

My motto with this diaper is "Hoots Off to Baby Hoots!!"

If you are interested, head over to Baby Hoots and make your purchase

The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary or other means of compensation. 

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Heather said...

these look great! I love the name too. i like getting cloth diapers from the person who actually makes the diaper. We need to support WAHM's and local businesses!