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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a Babywearer and I use a Fleece Pullover by Whizbeff Review

I'm a babywearer and didn't start until my second daughter, honestly I never knew there were products out there for it.  With my second daughter it wasn't a must, but I did when she felt that she needed to touch skin, if you read my previous post. 

With my 3rd daughter, she loves to be held close and being with mommy.  For a while when I would go to work and leave her with daddy, she had the hardest time because she wanted mommy to be with her.  So, I tried a Ergo Baby Carrier and it solved all issues.  We use this probably almost every day.  What we found hard was if we were outside, was to keep myself warm and to keep her warm.

Well, you all know how much I love Etsy right?  Well I found this beautiful Fleece Pullover from Whizbeff and oh my gosh, I fell in love.  Daddy and I went to a yard sale one Saturday morning and it was cold outside, she wanted to be held...So I put this Pullover on overtop of my ergo baby carrier, and seriously we were set to go. Look at this, I thought this was awesome and it was needed. 

We used this everywhere we went, Baby B loved it because it kept her warm, but didn't mean I had to put on a gob of clothes just to keep her warm.  It was awesome.  We have washed it several times and have had no issues.

Now that it is springtimeout and there is still that chill out and you need a little something to keep warm and a little something to keep your child warm, whizbeff has just what you need, a Babywearing Vest that you can wear over your babywearer and keep both you and baby warm.

Now that I am a babywearer, I am so amazed of all the beautiful products out there and certainly amazed by the handmade products that mama's make!

Here is a little bit about the mama behind Whizbeff:
i'm a gal who loves to craft almost as much as i love my husband and my six B-E-A-Utiful kids.

the outdoors inspires my crafting most of the time.

i think my ideal day would involve some hiking with my funky bunch, crafting, thrift store hoping, hanging out with soul mates discussing theology over tea, and more crafting.

Whizbeff doesn't just specialize in these special pullovers, she makes other products that are just as amazing.  Head on over to Whizbeff's Etsy Shop and you will love her stuff just as much as I do.

The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary or other means of compensation

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Tiffany said...

Never did find a babywearing jacket I liked! This is just the ticket! I'll have to grab one this fall, thanks! :)

Judith said...

Hi--I bought this pullover from whizbeff for my daughter to use with her new baby. They all LOVE it!
This is a wonderfully creative designer who knows just what to make to help you and your baby stay close.
Check out her etsy shop ASAP.


New PT mama said...

I love her carriers also! The intricate individualzed design and custom fit make it much more ergonomic for me to function while carrying the little ones! Great review!