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Monday, March 29, 2010

@Franklin Goose, You Rock!!

Franklin Goose you rock!

So, if you have heard already, Franklin Goose offered an amazing offer.  Are you interested in checking that out if you are into natural and organic products? 

Well, read my blogpost here on how to get Free Products!

But I really wanted to give some info here:

  • Let's remember you are to review the products that you have had experience with, Franklin Goose does review each and every one of them

  • They are super busy with  all the reviews they are reading and all the products they are sending to us customers.  Please be thankful and be patient.

  • Now, the biggest thing to remember is: advertise Franklin Goose.  Tell everyone you know about them. Seriously!  (I probably told about 6 people this weekend about Franklin Goose, so spread the word about them)

  • Last, if you have a blog, tell every friends about Franklin Goose, they deserve special attention after all the awesomeness they did for its customers.
Again, thank you Franklin Goose, you rock and rocked our house. :)

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dannyscotland said...

YEAH THEY DID ROCK! I have been telling people about them left and right.

mom2boys said...

They are awesome! I just decided to start cloth diapering , so I'm spending all my credit on some Bum Genius 3.0's. I hope they are good diapers!

P.S I have been telling all my friends and family about Franklin Goose! :)