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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is Coming

Tonight we made Easter Eggs.  What Fun!

All the upcoming duties of the Easter Bunny coming!  The kids decorating Easter Eggs.  This picture was the kids (minus a few, one was playing a game and then Baby B is too little and was sleeping) getting ready to decorate eggs.  I didn't get any of the kids while doing it because I was helping them decorate.

This is their pretty eggs after!

We had so many eggs.  Did you know if you took cooking oil and rubbed the oil on a paper towel and then on the eggs it makes them shiny.  Just look at the first set of eggs on the left.  I thought that was pretty cool, I learn something new every year.
I feel bad though because I forgot a couple of things to put in the basket so at 1145PM Daddy trucked a 45 minute drive to Wal-Mart from where we are staying at to make sure the girls are set with their baskets.  What a good daddy!  As a sit here and blog and watch Bruce Almighty.  All the kids are sleeping and are awaiting for the prime Easter Bunny to visit and leave his stuff for them.  We have 150 eggs to hide in the morning for the kids to find.  So, they will have plenty of eggs. 

I looked around websites to see if there were any prints in Easter Eggs, but I couldn't find any!  Anyone know of any?  Its a little late now, but that would have been cute.

Well Happy Easter!!

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Zeemaid said...

we decorated today too. It was a lot of fun. Although I only had 3 kids around my table. *L*

The eggs look marvelous.

~Shelley~ said...

Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!!!


Jill said...

Just easter egg baby legs (dots, not eggs, but similar).. but probably tons of rabbits, chicks, etc in WAHM if you have a line on any of those!

jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

Ms. Sarah said...

Your Hubby rocks. Mine would have told me to get in the car and go lol. Thanks for stopping by friday. I have been giving some autism talks and am now able to get back on. Have a great holiday.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Thanks for the follow I'm following back. The eggs are beautiful