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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#Clothdiapers and Camping

Well a couple of weekends ago we went camping. I think I had told you all that? My life has been crazy here lately so I can't remember what I have told you guys and what I haven't.  HEHE.

I digress, I normally do!  But we went camping a couple of weekends ago and of course we used cloth diapers all the way, because this is the only thing we use. I really had no idea how many to take, how we would store the ones that were dirty until we got home and really just the whole nine yards.

So, I packed our diaper bag and an extra bag full of cloth diapers, cloth wipes, a big bag to put the dirties in, Lovey's Tushi Wash (I love this stuff, it smells awesome and works great) and of course everything else we needed.

I was a little nervous about being in a camper and letting any poo sit on the diapers until we got home, I wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but we don't use disposables so I had to do it.  I also wouldn't use the water from camping because you never know the water and what the water is like when camping, so it would have to wait until we got home. Well, of course she had a dirty!  MAN.  I was hoping we could wait.

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We put it in the bag and washed them as soon as we got home.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Not that I thought it was going to be horrible since we love cloth diapering, but I was just really nervous it would ruin the diaper, I just had all these bad images in my head.  BLAH.

Tell me some of your situations with cloth diapers.

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whocg23 said...

we haven't really had any stories this like only because I have been too chicken so far to use cloth while away from home. Though I do believe we may try it for the family camping trip in a few weeks. Of course, if I do, I will make sure to post all about it. :)

dannyscotland said...

I have to admit I have let messy diapers sit...usually in a wet bag in the diaper bag, forgotten in the chaos of coming home.

Go you, for cloth while camping!

mommypants13 said...

wow thanks for the reassurance we are going away camping this weekend and I was unsure whether I was gonna bring cloth or not, you've assured me that I can do it

Mama Campbell said...

we go away for long weekends frequently & pack lots of diapers too. We can't do disposables because my daughter's allergic, but does wonderfully with cloth, so we just have to plan ahead with lots of fluff & usually use 2 bags for dirties. One inside of the other to keep anything contained during the traveling and no smells leak out this way either. Dirties always are packed last, so I see them as soon as we get home & put them right into the washer. Sometimes I rock a soak of Rockin Green Soap after they've done their cold rinse if we've been gone longer than usual just to ensure there's not stinkies or stains. :o)