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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School


Yesterday was Big Sister J's first day of 3rd Grade and her First Day in a Public School.

Mommy went to work late to watch her get on the bus, I always go late on the first day of school. I didn't want to take a picture of her getting on the bus and embarress her, but these were her above before the bus got there.  She was so excited, but yet you could tell she was nervous.  As the bus left, I shed a few tears like I always do.  If only I could have followed that bus to school.  But I had a meeting to go to!

I left work early to be there for when the bus arrived around 340PM and I waited and waited.  430PM came and no bus with Big Sister J and Mommy was freaking out. I am seeing all these other buses pass by, but not Big Sister J's bus. So, I start calling the school,  it was BUSY for about 10 minutes, finally got through and was told due to it being the first day they are getting the kinks out and making sure all the kids are on the right bus!  So, I waited some more.

Finally 501PM here comes Big Sister J off the bus!  Excited and couldn't wait to tell me about her 1st day in 3rd Grade.  :) (Mommy was relieved to know that she was safe and sound)
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dannyscotland said...

Oh, third grade was my favorite grade to teach! The first day of school is always a bit crazy. The school I used to work at had similar issues with dismissal. I was talking to a friend about how sometimes people don't realize what a stress that is on the teachers to make sure that 20 students they've probably never met before get to the right bus, car, or van. Scary! I'm sorry she got home so late, but glad she had a good day. I hope they will all be just as good.