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Friday, November 19, 2010

3d deebleDdo Cloth Diapers Review (Giveaway coming during Christmas Event)

I guess all my fans and followers know that I am a cloth diaper addict and anything that is needed for cloth diapering.  I have a almost 14 month old whom has been cloth diapered for 1 year now.  So, I have reviewed many diapers and love them all. 

However this was my first diaper that I have ever reviewed that was embroidered and I have to admit, I have fallen in love with it. 3d deebleDdo has gotten me addicted to fluff with embroideries.

Sherry is the owner behind 3d deebleDdo and here is some wonderful information about her.
I have been married for 21 years to the love of my life and we have four children ages 20 to 7 years old. I am a former gestational carrier to three girls, a current foster parent, and am hopeful of adopting someday because I know my family is not yet complete.

I have a love for sewing crafts that began 28 years ago when I was introduced to quilting by two very important people in my life, my Nana, and my Aunt Peg. This love naturally progressed into sewing cloth diapers and clothing when my first child was born in 1990. I started my first internet business in 2003 and got my first embroidery machine in 2004. I have enjoyed combining embroidery with handmade childrens items ever since.

When I am not in the sewing room, I am a student of herbs and midwifery and enjoy photography, reading, gardening, chatting with my friends via IM, and riding my's a Ninja, not a Harley ;) 
I love girly cloth diapers and I love the looks of them and how they are so cute.  I sit back and think I could never have my girls looking so cute in disposables.  But it only got cuter with the looks when I found 3d deebleDdo.

Sherry asked me what I wanted and I am always so "I don't know", I just knew I didn't want to have her name on her diaper.  I told her well I have 3 princesses and she is my Little Princess and I was really excited when she posted a pic of the diaper on my Facebook wall.

Being this was our first embroidered diaper, I was pretty excited about trying this diaper as soon as possible and checking out! It is a pocket diaper, which this momma mostly prefers because it keeps daddy and babysitter in check and they know what they are doing with them.  So we washed it quickly and immediately had to try it.

This diaper has side snaps, which I have learned lately seem a little bit harder on a baby who doesn't want to sit still.  But are great because it really gets a great fit and trim diaper.  It makes it great with two rows of snaps because I'm always able to put the top row of snaps all the way over and put the bottom row of snaps one off from the top.
Have you every been over to 3d deebleDdo? Well, if you haven 't you really should because she also has a blog with all of her great creations and a custom order that you can do with YDME (Your Diaper, My Embroidery) which I think is total amazing and awesome that you can do that.  Anyway you can send her your diapers and she can embroider them.  Check it out here, how she does that.
Baby B is so adorable in this diaper and I just love it.  But this mommy loves her girly stuff.  Its funny because I have been wanting to get some thin striped leggings because it would just go so adorable with this diaper. Yea I like to match up the diapers with cute leggings especially since she is all over the house and learning to walk and crawing still.
3d deebleDdo isn't just about cloth diapers, she has many other creations, because on her hyenacart she makes soap bars, which I think is amazing on the creations that she can do. What an amazing mommy.


Giveaway to come during the "All I Want For Christmas" Event. so make sure you come back and check it out.

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