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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bumbledoo Training Pants Review (Giveaway coming during Christmas Event)

Are you a bumbledoo lover? Well if you are not, you better hop on board, because bumbledoo rocks in all aspects.  If you are wondering...yes I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Let me introduce you to this awesome mama from bumbledoo:
Hi everyone. My name is Malia. My craftiness is inspired by my mom who always told me I could do anything if I put my mind to it. When I was growing up she sewed all my clothes, framed my Science Fair ribbons, made Care Bear bedspreads and created functional pieces that made life a little easier (and more organized!).

When I became a mother to my two sweet little boys I wanted to put my mind to it and give my children the same things that my mom gave me. Since then I have been working on MY mother's touch to create useful functional pieces for my children. I hope that other mothers can find them as useful and functional while appreciating the handmade love that goes into each piece.

Every piece listed on my site is made by me in my home. I make my own patterns and try to create original one of a kind pieces. I love fabric and notions. I love to use recycled items. Most importantly, I like to keep trash out of the landfill.

I believe in top level customer service. I will do my best to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Thank you for visiting my site.

So if you are anything like me this still left me wondering, what does bumbledoo mean and how did the name come about.  So, I had to ask Malia:
My oldest son moved a lot when I was pregnant with him. His Dad was out of town almost the entire time I was pregnant. And when his Dad would call to check on him he would ask how he was. I told him “He’s just bumbling around in my belly.” And so soon, he just asked me how Bumble was and we call him Bumble even now.

When my second was born, he had a variety of nicknames. P.K. to Schmeekay to Schmiggy to Schmiggy Doo. Now he is just Doo.

So it is named after my sons, bumble and doo… bumbledoo.

Cute right, bumbledoo after her kids.  I love it!  I always love to know the meanings of a company if I can't just figure it out from reading the name or the about us, so I love to get behind it and how it came about.
bumbledoo sent us a few of her products to review, but the one we want to focus on today is her bumble cloth training pants!  When we first got these, I was so excited, I had to wash them immediately and get her to try them.

Sister E was pretty excited herself to try these on. We put them on and they fit her perfectly and for whatever reason she calls these "hard panties", I don't know why because she said they are not hard, but she does.  I even asked her if they feel hard and she said they don't, but that is what she calls them. But for a while we had a problem, because she only wanted to wear these everyday.  We only have one and she wanted to wear them all the time.  EEK, so we would have to trick her.
This pants fit Sister E very well, because we didn't have any gaps at the legs and no gaps around the tummy area.  This was definitly important just because gaps mean leaks and leaks mean not a happy momma and not a happy momma means not a happy family.  So we all know how that is. The training pants have side snaps, which on Sister E run somewhat on the side front.  I went to look around and it seems many of them run like that, so I think we are safe to say side front snaps.  

We received these pants almost right at the end of Sister E's potty training experience so she did so well she didn't have any leaks in these at all. So I still needed to know if they would leak at since Baby B is just about is big as Sister E, we tried these pants on her.  Guess what, they fit her (sorry no pictures, I didn't even think about it, it was on a whim that I tried them with her). So, over one weekend, I did a test to see how she would do in these pants.  She wore them for 3 hours and she did potty and we didn't have any leaks. WOO HOO. Of course I used the snaps to take them off of her, but I was happy with the outcome.

Sister E is now completely potty trained and wears panties, but she always asks mommy can I wear the hard panties?  She loves these bumble cloth training pants. Daddy tries to tell her that she doesn't need them anymore, but she says "Daddy I like them and I want to wear them!" And they do pull up and down nice and easy with no problems, so being fully potty trained now (both day and night) the ease of up and down is good to know when you are potty training.

Are you looking for the perfect cloth training pants to try? These were the first cloth training pants we have ever tried and honestly, even though we are done with potty training with Sister E (we still have Baby B when she is ready, not close yet though) I would recommend these pants to try because they are amazing.

Also bumbledoo doesn't just sell training pants, she also sells mama cloth, cloth diapers, booties and many other handmade products, so she is your one stop shop.


Giveaway to come during the "All I Want For Christmas" Event. so make sure you come back and check it out.

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