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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catchick 6 Creations Custom Woolie Review and Giveaway Ends 12/27

So, I am a mommy who never really ventured out into the world of wool.  I tried them way back when I first started cloth diapering and I liked them and then I royally messed up some wool I had by putting it in the dryer and it looked like something that I would put on my doll baby.  Yes, I did do that.  It was horrible and I broke down.  

So it really took me a while to get back into wool and I think the wool dryer balls have drawn me back in, but I am paying much more attention to things now.  Baby isn't an infant anymore, so I can concentrate on what I am really doing.  Haha.

Plus I always had that image that all wool made you really itchy but I learned not all wool makes you itchy.  It really just depends on the top of wool that you chose and use.  However Elizabeth was very helpful and walked me along the way with everything and told me what is considered itchy and what isn't.

I recently worked with Elizabeth from Catchick6 Creations and she is a great mommy!  Here is some info:
My name is Elizabeth. I have three children, who are my constant inspiration, Tuesday, age 13, Quinn, age 10 and River, age 4 years. I have lived in New Jersey for most of my life. I used to be an elementary teacher, but now I am a stay at home mom. I have been painting and sewing all of my life. I have a visual arts degree from Rutgers University. I love to paint, sew and design childrens' clothing. I love to design my own appliques and make clothing that is unique and fun to wear. I hope you enjoy what you see and come back often! I take pride in my work and it is important to me to please my clients. Please come back often to see what my new designs are! thanks!
When I first started working with Elizabeth, she asked me what I was interested in.  For some time I have had my eye on this beauty and I wanted it.  It was her custom shorties with leggings but I really loved exactly the one that was posted.  What I didn't know about wool is that many people use sweaters and that she would have to search for it and see if she could find something that resembled it.

This shortie included one applique chosen from all of her designs placed wherever you would like it. She will custom make the shortie/leg warmers to your specifications.....down to the color, fiber, weight and design. 

I sent Elizabeth my specifications.  I had to go back quite a few times because I wasn't doing it right, but after finally getting it right, I got it.  I told her that I really wanted the strips

Here is the creation that Elizabeth came up with.  Oh I couldn't want to get it in the mail.  It was gorgeous and I was so excited.

The shortie soaker comes with drawstrings, which is something that I chose because it works so much better with Baby B then having something really tight.  Her skin is so sensitive that it leaves marks otherwise.

She also made gorgeous leggings which have adjustable tops.  I like the adjustable tops but with Baby B's legs I just can't get them right without them leaving a marking on her leg.  So I just place them on the lightest so it doesn't leave any markings!

 Here is Baby B in action with her shorties and leggings.
I have to tell you that she looks absolutely adorable in
these.  Wool great for those babies who are super wetters because these do not leak.  I have never ever had a leakage problem with wool and honestly I don't think I have ever heard of anyone else having leaking problems with wool.

When we first tried them we tried them without the leggings, we already had leggings on, so I just left it that way.  I was in love.  I think she was in love.  Daddy wasn't so sure.  But I don't think he cares like I do.  LOL.  The next night we tried them with the wool leggings and it was just gorgeous. Baby B could walk around and crawl around everything stayed in place and they also did the main thing I wanted them to do and that was to hold the wetness in.
I did go a little bit bigger, hence the reason I wanted the drawstring, because I wanted Baby B to be able to wear these for quite sometime.  I didn't want to get them right her size and then she not be able to wear them for very long.  Baby B is 13 months and she is already in almost 24 months, so she is growing so fast.  I am really happy with getting them a bit bigger which even Elizabeth suggested that we do.

So, have you tried wool?  Well don't be scared.  Seriously I can see why you would be scared, but really no reason to be.  These are amazing, so, and quess what they keep your baby warm but do not overheat them.  They are what I call Gorgeous Wool!

Elizabeth was a real pleasure to deal with.  She was very understanding and helped make me understand what I needed to do and even how everything worked.  I know she had to explain to me a couple times about some of the things and she was so easy going about it and I just want to Thank you for being such a great momma and being so understanding.



Easy form, all you have to do is complete the attached form.
Giveaway Ends 12/27
Just an FYI, custom order will be made after the holidays! 

Good Luck!

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Jean said...

I have also heard that wool is great for wicking sweat and odors! What a cute idea!

The Monkey said...

It's Sackboy woolie lady!!! <3 I've been in love with Catchick6 since the first pair of Sackboy-butt longies.