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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is coming, Would your kids love a Balance Bike? //Balance Bike Review & Coupon Code

Balance Bike

Defined Exclusively by Bikes That Teach "The Balance Bike Pro’s"

The Balance Bike is a bicycle that is specifically developed to help children learn to ride the bikes safely with an impacting motor skill accelerating direction following continuous balance and coordination development.

A Balance Bike is simple design that lack chains and pedals........pure "Kid Power". The child can just sit down and start to push the vehicle around using his or her feet for help. The Balance Bike is created especially to aid a child when he or she first starts to practice cycling and needs to develop the ability to balance and to steer a bike.

The main benefits of choosing a Balance Bike are its safety, and the fact that kids can start to practice from a very young age. Your child can begin learning around the age of 15 months. Some kids might even be able to start at the age of 12 months. If the child's feet can reach the ground when he or she is sitting on the bicycle seat with a slight bend in the legs, it is possible to begin. The seat is so low that it is possible for the child to touch the ground with his or her feet, and to walk along. Being able to feel the ground under the child's feet creates confidence, but it is also necessary to reach the ground so that the little rider can push the vehicle along. As your child becomes more confident, the next step is to run while sitting on the bike, and then it is time to try gliding with both feet off the ground.

Each Balance Bike within the Bikes That Teach product line is famous for being stable and sturdy, which makes them feel safe for the little ones. Children can be very fast learners, and with the help of balance bikes they can pick up cycling skills surprisingly fast. Optional balance bike tires include eva foam which makes the bike feel light while a second balance bike tire option includes a rubber air-filled tire which is slightly heavier but yields a smoother ride. Both style tires are equally durable.

There are a number of balance bikes available for children today, but most critical, a properly fitted balance bike meeting your child's immediate size and physical specification is crucial to the safety and motor skill accelerating and developing benefits within the child. The choice of a balance bike for your child can be confusing because of the many options available. We can simplify this decision process for you. Choosing the right Balance Bike is now made easy. With over half a decade of properly fitting countless children with a correct sized balance bike, let the Balance Bike Pro-Fitting Experts at Bikes That Teach size your child with the correct sized balance bike focusing on your child’s unique physical specification and c safety.

Visit us Online Today / Bikes That Teach at and click on our FREE ONLINE FITTING button on the very top of the website page which will navigate you to our FREE fast and easy balance bike fitting form that will in real time forward directly to the Bikes That Teach Balance Bike Pro-Fitting Experts. This form will require exact size specification your child measures with their current physical disposition and size. Like magic, you will receive in return via email a detailed Balance Bike pro-fitting response, exposing the Balance Bike and/ or bikes that will cater to your child's unique specifications with professional detailed defining support behind our expert recommendation or call our Balance Bike Pro-Fitting Experts here at Bikes That Teach at 1-800-756-5022 for a personal FREE Balance Bike Pro-Fitting Evaluation for your child and experience the education and knowledge behind which balance bike is the correct sized balance bike for your child or simply click on the link provided below and complete your fast and simple Balance Bike Pro-Fitting Evaluation Form........its FREE, give it a try!

Courtesy Link to Your Free Online Fitting Form:


Retail Store Direct: 1-800-756-5022

As a thank to all the Coupon Mommy of 3 members for taking an interest in reading our review, Bikes That Teach is providing an unlimited used coupon for you, your family and community of parents of $5 off each Balance Bike purchase with FREE shipping and we pay your sales tax. 

Please use coupon code (cmof3) at checkout online or live with one of our Bikes That Teach order processors today.

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