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Monday, January 24, 2011

Update and THANK YOU!

Hello fans and followers.  Its very early, because I am heading back to work today! Sorry, I'm a little behind on updating the Caring Bridge Site, but things have just been really busy! Actually very busy! But, I plan to update more tonight when I have sometime to do so, I hope, after the kids are down for the night!

Before anything, I want to say....THANK YOU!  And 50 times that and more.  The heart felt love, prayers, support and all that has been surrounding us during this journey that started only about a month ago has been absolutely amazing.  I am just overly amazed how people are just so AWESOME, that is the best way to subscribe it, because you all have been so amazing with all the support and love and donations.  I have to tell you all it is just amazing.  So many packages have been received for Emily and it was awesome while we were in the hospital for my husband to pick them up at the house and bring them, because they brought huge smiles to her face.  Things I never really thought about but the times that we are home, in between, there is just so much going on, the dinners that have been provided to us from friends, family and even Richmond Mommies mom's have been awesome and seriously has made life so much easier.  I can't begin to thank you guys enough for all the love and support you have given us and continue to do. 


This will be a very long road for us and I know that, and all that you all do and especially yours prayers, support and love mean so much to us.  That is really all I could ask for because this journey is by far one of the hardest things as a mother, or just as an invidivdual had to go through.  Its hard and honestly, in laymen terms, its sucks and in kid's terms, "It's not Fair!" and it't not.  But we are praying and thinking positive.

We did come home Sunday Morning from Emily's first round of chemo and will be back in two weeks for a second round as long as she doesn't get any fevers or any other problems.  We will have to follow up later this afternnon and then later this week to check her counts, but she is doing ok.  We are starting to notice some changes daily so as those changes take place,they become a little bit harder on us.  Her losing her hair is one that I'm not sure how she is going to react to, but again there are so many of  you out there that are making and sending her hats and I can't tell you how much these things mean to us. 

How can I say Thank You a million times and really reach out!  I hope you all know how many times that we have received something for Emily, or my other daughters or even my husband and I and have had tears in our eyes from the outpouring of love out there!  It is amazing, thank you!

Some facebook companies have asked that I post something about what is out there and while I feel weird doing this, I will.  But at the same time, I can honestly tell you, this is going to be a very long year for us.  VERY LONG and could even be longer.  While all I really ask for is lots and lots of prayers, because they mean so much to us, I know there are many of you out there that are doing more than that.  Here are a few that I know of because I have been in contact with them in one way or another:

There is a possibility that I have missed some, but just comment below with the link to them or even check out @Coupon Mommy of 3 Facebook, I know many are updating information there..  So many others did some prior for us and I just appreciate all that you all have been doing.  So, again, thank you!

Malia from Bumbledoo did an amazing job, Stephanie from Abby's Lane is doing a great job, Poppin Dots Boutique, CCBaby and CC Bums did an amazing job and Diaper Style!  All I can say is seriously "THANK YOU!"  And while I know there are others, I don't know all of them, so I just want to apologize if you were not listed.

Please remember, THANK YOU!  Emily and I have been working on "Thank You" Cards and many of you should start seeing them within a few weeks.  It gives her something to do at the hospital.

Also Emily would really like a telescope and we have found one on Amazon that would be amazing, so when I have moments I try to use Swagbucks to get my points up.  So far I have saved $30 on Amazon Gift Cards, but we need more.  Will you guys help us and sign up for Swagbucks so we can get more points on Swagbucks to get that for her?  I would love your help and it is very appreciated!

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SAPsMaMa said...

It's great to hear an update, yes heartbreaking at the same time, every time I read an update it brings tears to my eyes :) There has been so much support it has been overwhelming to keep up with it all! I've participated in at least 5 auctions for Emily's benefit, including Malia at bumbleDoo, and auctioned off ad space myself! Stores have been donating a percent of proceeds toward Emily's cause, including Ashley at BabyBug Creations! I started a note to inform everyone where they can go to help out...and I could not keep up with it all!

Take care, it is difficult, but you have so much love and support :)

BONNIE said...

Glad to hear that Emily is doing well (all things considered). As a Mom of 3 myself, my heart breaks for how difficult I can only imagine this must be for you & your family :'-( . I hope that what myself (2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique), and SEW many other WAHM's have been doing, will help to ease your burden 'somewhat' (financially anyway). I've participated in: Bumbledoo's, Aliyah's Hope Chest, CC Bums, Poppin Dots Boutique, & Fabulous Family Reviews & Giveaway's auctions, and will continue to seek out more so that you can focus on your BEAUTIFUL daughter, and hopefully not have to worry 'so much' about money :-).
Thoughts and prayers are with you & your family,
"2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique"

~Rachel said...

I don't know you and have been praying for your little girl! I came across your blog from Kelly's Korner sometime ago and have been following Emily's progress.

I work with a charity organization that creates custom hospital gowns for little ones such as your who have to endure hospital stays. It has been said to help lift the spirits of the child when they see their favorite color or character or sports team on a gown.
Please let me know if I can make one for Emily.

The organization can be found here:

My email address is:
I would love to help.
God Bless You all!

Becky said...

My heart goes out to your family! I cried as I read this, but wanted you to know you are in my prayers! I have a friend who's 3 year old daughter also has cancer (brain tumor) and she is doing GREAT! They are harvesting her stem cells and she is almost done with her chemo. She is kicking her cancer's butt and I know Emily will do so as well! Hang in there! I know it's got to be tough, but God will take care of your family! My prayers are with your family! Thanks for the update!

blueviolet said...

I read about you at Nichol's today and I wanted to come and say hi. I'm so sorry you're going through such a struggle right now. I can't even imagine, and I'm sending virtual hugs!

Nichol said...

We are all praying for you Shannon and family. Little Emily is in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I added your Chipin widget to a blog post today. Stay strong, I know it's hard. Hugs

newmami_rgv said...

Hi Sahnnon,
My husband and I both send prayers as we have two little girls who were severely sick when they were babies. It's hard, but with all this support you are so lucky! We donated some money and have the "Chip-In" up on my site!
Give Emily hugs! My girls want to send her a gift, if you can reply (vetsmom_rgv(at)yahoo(dot)com), let me know what she needs?! Tissue, a little purse, anything for her!
CJR @ The Mommy Blog

The Clothspring said...

Shannon, everyone is rooting for little emily! She has so many people praying for her. We say a prayer every night, my daughter is 3 also and I can not imagine what you are going through. I know that this is the least I can do, seeing your struggle helps others realize how blessed they are.

The Golliday Family said...

Praying for Emily. God bless you!

Following you back from

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I am sending you good thoguhts and will be following you on this continued journey now.

I've also liked you on Facebook!

Thirsties Cloth Diapers has offered to sponsor a giveaway on my blog, only they want me to get a few more followers! Will you follow me?