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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I really just want to send out lots of love and thanks to all of you!

I can't tell you all how amazed our whole family is and how wonderful you all have been when it comes to the situation that we are dealing with.  Many of you (well, let me say most of you) I have never met before, and you all have come together to do something so amazing and wonderful for us that I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate it.

Our main focus here is to get rid of the cancer, keep Emily happy and as healthy as we can keep her.  And you all are helping in everyway that you know possible and I have to tell you that it really means a lot to our family that you all are doing this for us.

We have totally had to change our lives around and of course we are happy to do that to do what we have to do to get her better.  We have changed our eating habits and we are now eating all Organic foods.  While it is very expensive, we know it better not only for her, but for all of us after all the reading we have done about it.  I now make and prepare meals to take to the hospital for Breastfast, Lunch and Dinner, so my days at home as they always were busy, are even more busier.   I have even changed the way I cook, because I now cook homemade, because it is much better for us then using prepared organic goods.  (I made a roasted chicken with herbs last cut up for other meals, and it was awesome!!)  I don't buy things in a tin, a can, a box, or any of that, all of it is organic and I prepare it all. We have changed the way we make sure things are sanitized.  We have always made sure to sanitize, but in terms we have never been so anal. Seriously, we have had to change that and wash our hands as often as possible and even when I'm at work, it has become a habit. We have changed how we think about things and how we react to things!  So, life as we once knew it, is now something that is totally different and we are ok with that.  Anything to keep our daughter healthy and the rest of us too!  So, the Coupon Mommy of 3, has to find new ways to save money and has already started looking into organic deals and how I can save money there!

My post is here because I want to say thank you!  Thank you all so much for the amazing work that you all have done, are doing and continue to do for us.  Your love, your comments, your support, your prayers all mean everything to us.  We do read every comment on Facebook, Caring Bridge, the blog and they partake in our life, I am sorry that I am not able to respond to them, but we do read them.


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Melissa said...

Have you looked into breast milk for Emily? I had read once that it helps kill cancer and if nothing else it can keep her healthier. I would gladly donate but I am on meds that might not be good for her. You might look into it though and see what you can find out about it. Worth a shot anyway. Take care! I think about you all every day.

Jenn Wiggins said...

There are lots of good organic brands out there that offer coupons on their own site:





7th generation:


Hope this helps! Thinking of you

Rune Ariala said...

To continue the above list, I'm not sure if you have an Earth Fare or a Whole Foods near you, but both have great coupons on their websites, and I think that both have really inexpensive "house" brands for bread and such. You might want to look into a farming co-op this next spring for an abundance of produce you can freeze or can (there is a subscription fee of about $300-$600 for the whole seaons, and sometimes they will include eggs, milk, and meats), or a local farmer's market or tail gate market.

Julie said...

Good luck w/ everything and Please continue to keep us posted:)